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In 1973, "Timberland" brand was born the first pair of waterproof boots, Timberland's history has begun. This has completely waterproof boots instantly acclaimed performance, and his unique yet classic style, and bold use of yellow new style attracted the attention of consumers.

Timberland Shoes Online: Timberland focuses on how you can build solutions with processes and materials that trigger significantly less harm for the environment. So while you go to get a stroll, you do not worry regarding the environment. As an outdoor brand, Timberland items are made to finalize a long time, undertaking it in a sustainable way. Timberland Boots, the balance amongst humans and atmosphere, having a rugged look and durable overall performance. You can expect to enjoy it, in the event you decide to purchase a pair.

Timberland Yellow Boots: "Yellow Boots", which on the one hand committed to human foot activity, on the other hand it is the spirit of Timberland, Yellow Boots implies a "culture of things stick out from the manufacturing boots", and "human coexistence with nature values and sincere "are also included in the" Bootsness ", which has become an important symbol of Timberland.

Timberland Handsewn Shoes: "Handsewn Shoes" hand-sewn shoes is the immortal model of Timberland. In 1978 a pair of pure handmade Handsewn Shoes, casual shoes industry set off a revolution in the world, people became accustomed to wear light clothing, shoes, outdoor activities to work outside.

Today, Timberland's name has existed for nearly 30 years in the market. Today, Timberland each item of footwear, apparel and outdoor equipment products are still manufactured in fine craft careful, meticulous product details, but also durable, functional; plus thoughtful, innovative design, Timberland products allow people to enjoy the show personal style, so get the unanimously respected with the family around the world .


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