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In 1973, Swartz family established the Timberland brand, 1970s, they took a unique shoe technology to produce the world's first pair of shoes and shoe uppers without stitching, soles and uppers of full cast together, creating a real sense waterproof shoes.

Timberland Canada Discount: The Timberland Fall'14 collection of boots, footwear and accessories is prepared for something. Waterproof building, comfort technology and superior traction are developed to take you all through the day in any weather. At the exact same time, Timberland provides the right high-quality & designers. Your world is full of fashion. If you buy Timberland, you will get the lowest price.

Timberland Sports: Timberland outdoor is very broad, including outdoor extreme, outdoor adventure, outdoor recreation. Timberland Outdoor exciting and challenging, but also play both work place, and everyone can have. Timberland's outdoor product demand in the pursuit of physical and psychological nature joy, but not limited to athletic performance that can be measured.

Timberland Sustainable Development: Timberland are based on whether the demand for outdoor and adhere to the principles of sustainable development, to create innovative, stand the outdoor test, look beautiful and durable products. After years of development, pure American style of Timberland has become America's top outdoor brands.

Timberland Boots: The brands Timberland, because insistence on quality and create high-quality taste and highly respected. The yellow boots groundbreaking and pioneering legend of international brands, the quality is definitely still stuck with people around the world work together to create new glories.

Timberland shoes retain many original features, including the use of injection molding technology and made of high quality leather, etc., and still exhibit superior craftsmanship quality - waterproof, tough and durable. In order to make customers be able to wear more fitting clothes and comfortable shoes, Timberland constantly strive, has developed a variety of advanced footwear technology, innovative products.


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